Ultra-rare and very attractive, Remington revolving percussion rifle s/n 32, converted to 38 rimfire calibre, with leather saddle scabbard.



£ 5,250.00

Ultra-rare Remington revolving percussion rifle serial number 32, with 26 inch octagonal barrel, converted 38 rimfire, circa 1866 – 1879. The full total manufactured was estimated to be less than 1.000. This
included the percussion versions in 36 and 44 calibre and factory conversion to breech-loading metallic
cartridge rifles, in either 38, 46 or 44 rimfire calibre. The exact breakdown of conversion is not known, but
this version must be very rare.
It has a walnut buttstock, with crescent-shaped pointed butt-plate, scroll-type plated brass trigger-guard,
with spur below the trigger bow. The border of the top of the butt-plate has been tastefully engraved. The
barrel bears the ‘PATENTED SEPT. 14 1858 / E. REMINGTON & SONS, ILION, NEW YORK, USA. /
NEW MODEL’ address. It also has the extra long length loading lever. The rear sight is the open buckhorn
sporting type with elevator. The front sight is a fixed blade-type sight. The serial number 32 is found the
bottom flat of the barrel, adjacent and forward of the loading lever catch. The only other visible number is
an assembly number 10 on the rear of the converted six-shot cylinder and matching number 10 on the rear of
the conversion plate. It also has its original leather saddle scabbard, which is in pretty good condition,
considering its age. There has been a certain amount of refinishing done to this rare rifle, but overall it looks
very attractive. This is one of the hardest models to find and it would grace any Remington collection.