Rare cased engraved Colt Model 2A Root 1855 revolver s/n 25233 manu. circa 1860.

Model 2A Root 1855 engraved percussion revolver with second type barrel marking, octagonal 3 1/2 inch barrel,, cylinder pin latch on left side of barrel, round cylinder with Cabin & Indian scene, and ivory grips, in 28 calibre.

Cased with a two sided “Colts Patent” eagle and shield with E. Pluribus Unum banner flask, a “Colt’s Patent” brass bow-legged mould in 28 calibre, a Colt “L” shaped screwdriver, and a Union Metallic Cartridge Company tan labeled cap tin, which is marked “expressly for Colt belt and pocket pistols”. All serial numbers verified matching except the grip number, which has been removed. 

Purchase includes a signed copy of “A Collector’s Guide to THE COLT ROOT SIDEHAMMER Manufactured 1855 Through 1870” by Malcolm R. Burnette.


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