Franklin Mint Precision Model scale 1:16 "THE OFFICIAL COLT MODEL "T" DELIVERY TRUCK".



Franklin Mint Precision Model scale 1:16 “THE OFFICIAL COLT MODEL “T” DELIVERY TRUCK”.

Measurements: 8-7/8″ Long x 5.5″ High x 4″ Wide. The Official Colt Model T Delivery Truck is an impressive tribute to Colt and Ford.   


Assembled by hand from more than 150 separate parts with real wood running boards and 24 karat gold accents. Vintage-style 6 lock boxes contain scale replicas of Colt New Service Double Action revolvers. The hood lifts open to reveal every feature of the four-cylinder in-line engine. Selected features such as the headlight housings and radiator grille are richly accented in 24 karat gold. The detail is so precise that even the slats and crossbeams of the driver’s compartment are replicated. Colt and Ford were the two giants of industry that led the way into the modern age. This extraordinary die-cast tribute to these two distinguished companies has been hand-assembled from more than 150 components to re-create every true-to-life detail. A powerful display piece, with such features as headlight housings, lanterns, radiator grille and horn accented in 24 karat gold. Real wood is used to fashion running boards. The body panels are decorated with authentic Colt graphics. Operating features include steering and road wheels that turn, a hinged windshield and hood that opens to reveal the intricate re-creation of Ford’s famed four-cylinder in-line engine. You can even swing open the rear doors for a look at the cargo hold packed with vintage-style lock boxes filled with scale replicas of historic Colt firearms. This is a great replica of a vehicle that helped make the 20th century America’s Century.