Early Colt Model 1862 Police percussion revolver s/n 1206



£ 2,850.00

First year of production, low numbered, Colt Model 1862 Police percussion revolver serial number 1206 manufactured circa 1861 with a 5½ inch barrel. It has the early one-line address: “-ADDRESS. SAML COLT HARTFORD CT.” with “COLTS / PATENT” stamped on the left side of the frame and “PAT SEPT. IOth 1850” stamped within one of the
cylinder flutes. Colt Model 1862 Police Percussion Revolver were manufactured from 1861 through to circa 1873 in their own serial range, from serial number 1 through to approximately number 47000. The Police percussion revolver, is in 36 calibre with a five shot rebated and half fluted cylinder. It had a round barrel with the creeping style loading lever. It weighs one pound and ten ounces. The frame, hammer, and lever are case-hardened and the remainder of the revolver is blued. The grips are made of one-piece walnut with silver-plated brass back- strap and trigger-guard. Overall in fine to excellent condition.