Deluxe Gilt & Nickel plated engraved Winchester Model 1866 Saddle Ring carbine,
serial number 79593



Deluxe Gilt & Nickel Plated engraved Winchester Model 1866, Saddle Ring carbine, serial number 79693, manufactured circa 1871 and chambered in .44 Henry rimfire caliber. This beautiful carbine is profusely engraved possible by the master engraver himself, L.D. Nimschke. This third model carbine is engraved with foliate – scrollwork on a stippled background. The left side plate is engraved with a rampant horse with coronet, on the left side facing a five pointed star within a shield which has a plume of feathers protruding from the top. On the right side facing the shield is a golden eagle also wearing a coronet. At this time it is not known what the coat of arms represents. It is my submission that this special carbine is a South American Presidential presentation. 

The barrel, butt-plate and barrel bands are nickel plated and the engraved receiver is gold plated. Overall in fine to excellent condition with most plating remaining and with strong traces of gilding on the receiver.