Cased Colt Model 1878 Double Action Frontier revolver s/n 27720 in obsolete .44 S&W Russian calibre, shipped to Luigi Columbo, Genoa, Italy in November, 1891.



£ 6,500.00

This rare revolver is in fine to excellent condition with most original factory blue finish and strong nitre blue finish to rear of the hammer. It has a 5½ inch round barrel, with one-line address ‘COLT’s PT. F. A. MFG. Co. HARTFORD CT. U.S.A. On the left side is stamped: 44-S&W. Two-piece chequered black hard rubber grips with Rampant Colt within an oval and lanyard swivel on the butt. Cased in an adapted London case partitioned to fit a Colt Model 1878 D/A revolver with 5 ½ inch barrel.

Provenance: This revolver is pictured on page 283 of ‘Colt’s Double Action Revolver Model of 1878’ by Don Wilkerson. It states: Serial Number 27720 .44 Russian calibre, 5 ½ inch barrel, blue finish, stocks not listed. This revolver was shipped to Luigi Columbo, Genoa, Italy, in March 1891. Two revolvers were in the shipment. Bob Allen Collection. Wilkerson also states “The shipping clerk recorded the purchaser as indicated above, L.C. Genova. In reality the purchaser was Luigi Columbo of Genoa, Italy. This was confirmed in a letter from Von Oppen written in November 1891, in which he stated Luigi Columbo of Genova was highly pleased with both double action revolvers”.

According to Don Wilkerson, only 728 Colt Model 1878’s were manufactured in .44 Russian calibre. Of these 728 revolvers, 714 were manufactured with blue finish and 5 ½ inch barrel. This is a hard to find calibre for this model