.36P Iron Mould for Colt Model 1862 Police or 1865 Pocket Navy percussion revolver.



£ 325.00

.36P iron mould with sprue cutter, for Hartford manufactured Colt Model 1862 Police percussion revolver or Colt Model 1865 Pocket Navy percussion revolver. Straight leg mould, stamped “COLT’S PATENT” with an apostrophe, on the top face of the sprue-cutter, close to the hinge. The two cavities are for a round ball nearest the hinge pin and a conical with a deep heel base and a narrow grease groove. The groove helps facilitate loading into the cylinder chamber. The locating pin is on the right leg. On the top of the right block of the right leg is stamped 36P. This designates that this mould is for the shorter cylinders of the Police and the Pocket Navy. The finish is blue.

Rapley M#27